Consulting and conception

You profit from us right from the start -
With experience and competence!

Everyone knows - if you want the best quality, you should plan intensively! Because the better a thing is prepared, the more convincing the result will be. The earlier we are involved in your idea and conception and get to know your objectives, the more concrete and solution-oriented we can advise you. 

An important factor in planning is to visit the venue as early as possible. This enables us to include all factors in the conception and later planning right from the start - from access possibilities, loading routes and storage areas for the equipment, stage and hall dimensions, power connections or usable building services, to floor conditions, escape routes and many other factors.

Here are a few points that speak for comprehensive consulting by us:

> Economic efficiency / 
The early integration of all disciplines of event technology in the conception of the event ensures that all technical areas are reliably interlinked. This enables us to make optimum use of synergies and plan solutions efficiently and comprehensively. The project becomes leaner and the effort for the implementation reduced. By the way, suitable for any budget! This is how you save money.

> Clever coordination /
The sooner all partners are integrated into the planning process, the better all trades can adjust to each other and even create meaningful synergies at many points. This saves time and effort and improves the overall result. This saves you nerves.

> Competent contact persons /
With one contact person you get the know-how, experience and enthusiasm of over 150 specialists in the field of event technology. So you can always be sure.

> Diverse individuality /
In partnership with you, we will design a technical concept that is both tailored to your needs and inspiring at the same time. We listen and you get what you really need. If required, we develop individual solutions for every challenge. So you can be all yours.

> Suitable locations /
Our experienced consultants will work with you to find the optimal location for your event. This is how you inspire your guests.

> Service oriented added value /
Anyone can only rent out equipment and set it up professionally. We can do more - ask us! This is how you profit from us!