Beschallung des Tanzbrunnengeländes - Köln


Sound reinforcement of the Tanzbrunnen area - Cologne


the award ceremony at the Tanzbrunnen exclusively to the 1200 invited guests, who were divided into four blocks, no one else. Our high-quality loudspeaker systems and the combination of coverage angle and positioning of the loudspeakers, which was tuned by means of software simulation, ensured that residents in the surrounding area and on the opposite side of the Rhine were not disturbed.


Our special and networked measurement and monitoring technology provided us with accurate measurements of speech intelligibility and reflection in real time from all four sound reinforcement zones. In addition, a sound level measurement was made, which provided the averaged sound energy over time as a result. This LAeq measurement additionally served to document the limits set by the authorities for the Tanzbrunnen site, which we were thus able to comply with precisely.


All microphone signals, player and music signals were sent once to the OB truck and once separately to us. This made it possible to create a separate mix for the broadcast sound and for the live audience. Speech intelligibility and sound for the live audience could thus be optimally adapted to the conditions on site.

Our services:

Sound reinforcement concept and sound design
Sound reinforcement for audience area and stage
Sound reinforcement of the entire off-air area
Sound level and speech intelligibility measurement
Acoustic emergency announcement system
Client : Riverside Entertainment GmbH

Project manager: Dirk Tönnes

Photos: Richard Tussing

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